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Scheurich fat lava



ceramic vase – ca. 1960

with fat lava glaze

made by Scheurich GmbH & Co.

model number 529/25

marked on the bottom and with sticker

height 9.7 inch

in good condition



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Scheurich GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1928 by Alois Scheurich and his cousin Fridolin Greulich as a wholesaler in glass, porcelain and ceramics. In 1938, Scheurich settled in Kleinheubach. In 1948, one began with the manufacture of household ceramics. In 1954, Scheurich stopped the wholesale activities and focused entirely on self-manufacturing ceramics. Scheurich’s hegemony began at the end of the sixties. Scheurich kept its prices low and combined with taste-making designs, it caused a million sales. Scheurich’s strategy was to provide the same models with different decorations. The designs were adapted twice a year to the changing taste of the audience. The most successful vase models are available in dozens of glaze designs (decors). Heinz Siery designed vase model 271-22 in 1959 and went on fashion for decades. Another important designer for the shapes was A. Seidel. The main designer for the glazes was Oswald Kleudgen.

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