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Aldo Londi Rimini Blue



ceramic Rimini Blue vase – ca. 1960

design Aldo Londi (1911 – 2003)

executed by Bitossi Ceramiche

marked and with number (729)




Bitossi Ceramiche  (Montelupo 1921 – )  Guido Bitossi established his ceramic craft works near Florence, in Montelupo, in 1921. Originally named Manifattura Ceramica Cav. Guido Bitossi & Figli, the company name was later shortened to Bitossi Ceramiche.

After World War II, master ceramist Aldo Londi (1911-2003) became the creative director of Bitossi Ceramiche, a position he held for more than fifty years. He’s best known for his 1950s-era collection Rimini Blu (1955-1965). This iconic midcentury modern series contains over 150 designs, including bowls, vases, jugs and animal figurines, all glazed in a vibrant blue hue and embossed with abstract motifs and shapes.