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Zenith – Willem Stuurman



ceramic vase – ca. 1932

exectuted by Zenith Plateelbakkerij Gouda

design by Willem Stuurman (1908 – 1995)

model number 519




Zenith Plateelbakkerij (Gouda 1915 – 1984), which originated from a Gouda pipe factory, Aart van der Want, actually commits the ancestral company under the name ‘Zenith’. After the expansion of the pipe making,  Zenith initially produces art nouveau pottery. In 1924 the glossy glaze was replaced by the matt glaze, with the flower decors being replaced by decorative patches. Later – in the 1930s – the art deco pottery followed. Willem Stuurman designed a series of vases and other objects in striking art deco style between 1931 and 1934.


Willem Stuurman (Amsterdam 1908 – Amersfoort 1995), studied at the Arts and Crafts School Quellinus in Amsterdam. Stuurman was trained by Bert Nienhuis, among others, and did an internship at the ESKAF earthenware factories in Huizen, Kennemerland in Velsen and St. Lukas Maarssen. Typical for his work are the jugs with the organic lines and the comb-like shapes as handles. Willem Stuurman designed a series of vases and other utensils for Zenith between 1931 and 1934.



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