Potterie Kennemerland – Velsen


ceramic vase – ca. 1935

Potterie Kennemerland Velsen

design: Eelke Snel (1899 – 1939)

model number 1


height 5.1 inch

in good condition, not damaged and no restorations


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Potterie Kennemerland Velsen-Noord was founded in December 1920 by Koen Mertens (31 years) and Eelke Snel (21 years). From 1922 the company was continued by Eelke Snel. Eelke Snel had started at the Amphora earthenware factory in Oegstgeest. Then he ended up at St. Lukas in Utrecht. Then in 1920, Eelke Snel, Koen Mertens, Jan van Ham and Cees van Muyen founded De Vier Paddenstoelen in Utrecht. This combination was short-lived, in December Snel and Mertens founded their own pottery: Potterie Kennemerland. The brand from this period is the PK-brand with the mirrored P. The often mentioned T is a stylized potter’s turntable. This duo was apparently not a success, because about a year later Mertens left and Eelke Snel went on alone. Eelke Snel wanted to produce in a factory-based way, Koen Mertens wanted a small-scale factory where the shapes would be hand-turned. Quick goal was to deliver cheap and beautiful pottery. The first designs were of Snels and Mertens’ hand and are decorated with experimental decors, geometrical or band motifs on a creamy or grayish background. From the moment that Eelke Snel himself was the company manager, from 1922 onwards, the decors were usually still simple or experimental. In the later years of the Kennemer Pottery, more in the direction of 1928/29, the vases and the like were decorated with blocks. This period is characterized by the always blue brand KP. Until 1929 the factory was still small-scale, with few employees. From 1929 onwards, the production was approached factory-wise and more workers came into service. Some painters also came to Velsen from the Gouda pottery industry. After attracting the designer Karl Gellings, the somewhat simple models were supplemented with more artistic designs. Another well-known designer for the factory was Willem Stuurman. He has designed decors but also models. (source: Wikipedia)


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