Jaap de Carpentier


‘Zee en Dijken’

Jaap de Carpentier (1921 – 1996)

oil on board

signed  ‘Carp’ and dated ’86

with frame

size: 25 x 19 inch





Jacob (Jaap) de Carpentier (Koog, 26 augustus 1921 – Bergen, 1996), father of the artist Jeroen de Carpentier, was a graphic artist, manufacturer of gouaches, monumental artist, painter, draftsman and ceramist. He signed his work with ‘Carp’. Jaap de Carpentier lived and worked in Bergen, Noord-Holland since 1945 and made study trips to France and Spain. His work is both figurative and abstract and is inspired by the polders, the beach, the dunes, the water, the clouds and the light. He founded the ‘Groep Bergen’ in 1967 and put together many exhibitions together with the artists Frans Meyers, Kees den Tex and Dirk Trap. Between 1965 and 1980 the artist worked alternately in Bergen and in De Woude.

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