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Dietmar Liedke bear



ceramic figurine – ca. 1970

executed by Karlsruher Majolika Manufaktur

design: Dietmar Liedke (1935 – )

model number 7619



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Karlsruher Majolika Manufaktur (Karlsruhe 1901 – present). On the 4th of January 1901 the grand duke of Baden, Friedrich I, gave consent for the construction of a workshop building in the Hoffstrasse in Karlsruhe, the factory was founded Hans Thoma. Its full name is Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe. The company employed leading designers and artists to design their items. The main designers were Friedegart Glatzle (for the period 1950/70) and Dietmar Liedke (after 1970). To this day the company provides artists with studio space and commissions works.

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