Sold Out

Andries Copier

glass water jug – 1929/1930

made by Glasfabriek Leerdam

design: A.D. Copier (1901 – 1991)




A.D. (Andries Dirk) Copier (Leerdam 1901 — Wassenaar 1991).  Dutch designer, known to the general public as a glass artist and designer. Copier was connected to the Glasfabriek Leerdam from 1914 to 1971. In 1922 he began designing glass and for years he was the only designer in permanent service of the glass factory. In 1927, Copier received the artistic leadership.

Leerdam N.V. Glasfabriek. Founded in Leerdam in 1878.  Under the direction of P.M. Cochius the factory began to modernize business operations, laying the foundations for the craft industry. K.P.C. The Basel was the first artist to design a range of glassware for him. In 1929, Andries Copier received the artistic leadership of the glass factory. After the Basel, there were still more external designers; Cornelis de Lorm, Chris Lanooy, H.P. Berlage and Chris Lebeau. After 1930, the production of use glass and Unica glassware was handed to Copier, Floris Meydam, Willem Heesen and Sybren Valkema.